Culture, or lack thereof

Eating in the dining hall can be one of the more intellectually challenging and stimulating parts of my day. It’s the time of day when I am educated in matters that I should have been formally schooled in before coming to college. My pre-college education is needless to say very different from the ones that my classmates here had. I was taught the hard sciences all throughout secondary school, and my education in the humanities came to an abrupt stop when I completed O-Levels. Even then, I am only starting to realize how inadequate that education was. 

Have a look at the following painting depicting roughly a hundred historically prominent people:

How many of these historically significant persons did my school see fit to include in the history curriculum? I can count them all in one hand: Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler (from the WWII chapter of Form 3 History). Period. 

This is deplorable.  


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